Vasile, 2017 Short Documentary, 23min, Romania
Time passes along unhurried in the small traditional Romanian village of Maramures. From the polling of the hay, to the lazy dog seeking shelter from the hot sun, peasant Vasile Oanea and his cameras find beauty in it all. Stacked wall to wall with photos and mementos, Vasile has turned his modest house into a living monument to fleeting moments. But when you have given everything to documenting others, who will preserve you when your time is up?

Official Selections
Tampere International Film Festival 2017 Selection - National Competition
DocuTIFF 2017, Albania
Astra Film Festival 2017, Romania
Goddess Of The Throne 2017, Kosovo
American Documentary Film Festival Amdocs 2018, USA

Director & Cinematographer: Sakari Suuronen
Editor: Ruxandra Pintilie
Sound Designer: Ilmari Jyskä
Sound Mixing: Tuukka Nikkilä /Piippu Film Sound
Graphic Designer: Nina Riutta
Finnish Translation: Sanna Parikka
Produced by: Dan Nutu & Cristina Hoffman
Production countries: Romania, Finland

Full film available on request